vendredi 23 janvier 2015



'World of Leust / World of L(e)ust', the world is yours. That's what I told them.


"'(...) For Life" - 'The World comes illustrated'. Artwork : Dirloz ; AD / Imaging : Bilal Giolat ; Photography : J. Deniau



"Prismatic : no longer a secret. You have my word", I told her.


Text & Imaging : Bilal Giolat 

HIGHTITUDE (COMPANY) - All rights reserved.

Bilal Giolat ('BGPRIME'), Founder / Creative Director - (World of Leust / World of L(e)ust - The Pretty Stylish Corporation)

jeudi 22 janvier 2015



"Show me your love. Please do."


Text & Imaging : Bilal Giolat


'World of Leust / World of L(e)ust' - "The Pretty Stylish Skate Co" ; Photo : Bilal Giolat

mardi 20 janvier 2015



"Is it the sensational you're looking for ?"

"Stay true", she said at that instant 

Text & Imaging : Bilal Giolat

"Emerge. As outsiders" - 'It's a competitive landscape, baby' - Photo : Bilal Giolat



"There's some sort of truth in it, don't you think ?"


Text & Imaging : Bilal Giolat


"Show me your skills. Take me where I can feel the true power of music." - Photo : Bilal Giolat

lundi 19 janvier 2015



"It's about trust", that's what I told her

"I shall love it that way", she replied

Text & Imaging : Bilal Giolat


"Be my guest" - #welcometotheworld - Photo : Bilal Giolat

dimanche 18 janvier 2015